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  1. DM32 Configurator

    View the latest updates for DM32 Configurator.

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  2. Virtual Gauge

    View the latest updates for Virtual Gauge.

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  3. This is what Bill Spohn of True Tech Tools divulged about Retrotec's training

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  4. IECC Code compliance tests – Failure is NOT an option! (Nov 20, 2016)

    IECC Code Compliance Tests. This video reviews:

    • Requirements & Compliance
    • Who can perform the test
    • Duct Test
    • Envelope tightness
      • Blower Door test
    • Air Barrier 101
    • IECC 2015 blower door test requirements
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  5. Data Logger

    View the latest updates for Data Logger.

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  6. Why the DM32 is the smartest gauge on the market (Oct 11, 2016)

    Why the DM32 is the smartest gauge on the market

    • USB or Ethernet connections
    • Does not require adapters
    • Host of Software
    • Set Pressure function
    • Rare earth magnet and clip
    • Ergonomic design
    • Metric and Imperial units
    • Multiple languages
    • Live results
    • Hold Feature and changing results while on "Hold"
    • Displays fan speed as a percentage
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Field check to confirm and document compliance
    • Firmware updates on PC
    • Calibration date found on the main screen
    • Calibrated every five years
    • Calibrated in an accredited chamber
    • Trade in program available
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  7. Efficiency Matrix Commercial Air Tightness Testing

    Blower Door testing from Efficiency Matrix. Commercial air tightness testing for Passive house, Integrity Room, Plenum, High rise building testing. 

    Learn more about commercial blower door testing with Retrotec equipment. Contact our sales team at 1 (855) 738-7683 to discuss your specific needs or to request a quote.

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  8. Retrotec Newsletter: October 2016

    View Retrotec's Newsletter for October 2016:

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