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  1. Blower Door Test in XXXL size - Amazon in Poland

    Watch an extra-large blower door test performed at Amazon in Poland.

    Interested in Retrotec’s blower door testing equipment? View our products for residential, multi-family, and commercial facilities, or connect with our sales team directly at 1 (855) 738-7683.

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  2. Multiple Fan Blower Door XXL set up

    Ian Jack, Blower Door XXL GmbH & Co.KG, have, as the first specialized company worldwide, performed a blower door test with more than 1 million m³ of volume. It was the first registration with Guiness World Records.

    Watch additional videos pertaining to blower door testing here. Interested in learning more about Retrotec’s equipment? Start by requesting a quote.  

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  3. Introduction to the DM32 Gauge (April 12th, 2016)

    This webinar from Retrotec is an introduction to the DM-32 gauge. This video focuses on:

    • Ports & connections
    • Updating the firmware
    • DM32 interface and operation
    • Calculating results
    • Common errors
    • Running other manufacturer’s fans
    • Running other devices and hole flow

    Sign up for live webinars, or view additional previous webinars from Retrotec. To talk with a sales representative about Retrotec’s digital gauge, the DM32, call 1 (855) 738-7683.

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  4. Retrotec Newsletter: April 2016

    View Retrotec's Newsletter for April 2016

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