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  1. Multiple Blower Door tests of Large Buildings from 4 Pros who’ve performed over 1000 tests (Jan 28, 2016)

    This video discusses:

    • What preliminary arrangements are the most difficult?
    • What is involved in plan review?
    • How does material analysis and mock up construction affect you?
    • Do you have to train builders on air barrier construction methods?

    View Retrotec’s residential blower doors or multi family blower doors here. You can also view additional past videos or sign up for live webinars.

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  2. FanTestic Automatic Software (Jan 27, 2016)

    Fantestic blower door testing software for completely automated test fan operation, data collection and report generation.  This video webinar discusses FanTestic Automatic Software, including:

    • Overview of the software and features
    • Automatic Testing
    • Supported Standards
    • Licensing & updating
    • Custom reports
    • Using DM32 or DM-2 gauges to test

    Find out additional information about FanTestic software here or discuss your blower door equipment needs with our sales team at 1 (855) 738-7683.

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  3. NFPA & ISO Clean Agent Enclosure Integrity for Peak Pressure & Hold Time (January 8th, 2016)

    Clean Agent enclosure design. Testing for peak pressures and hold times.

    ISO, AS, EN, FIA, VdS

    Retrotec specializes in Standard's compliant Enclosure Integrity SoftwareDoor FansPressure Relief Vents, and Training. Read more about clean agent enclosure design for NFPA here. Watch related videos here (filter

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  4. IECC 2009/2012/2015 Duct Testing for Code Compliance (January 7, 2016)

    This video webinar discusses residential duct testers and components, including: 

    • ICC requirements vs. local jurisdictions
    • Who can perform the duct test
    • Duct Testing - Total Leakage
    • Duct Testing - Leakage to Outdoors
    • Alternative duct test method
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  5. Is Duct Leakage To The Outdoors Always Needed?

    Duct leakage to outdoors tests are needed, even if duct work is within the conditioned space

    If ducts are installed completely within the conditioned space do we need to test them? The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires we only test duct work if it is outside the conditioned space, such as an un-insulated attic or basement.  If we do test them, is total duct leakage enough, or are these leaks still finding their way to the outside? These questions are always popping up on online HVAC communities.


    Looking at the surface of the issue, it might appear to be pointless to do a duct leakage to outdoors test if the ducts are completely contained within the envelope. This would be the case if the ducts themselves were on the “surface” but most are hidden in wall cavities, which often connect to the outdoors to so

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  6. DM32 Smart Gauge Overview (Jan 19, 2016)

    The DM32 differential pressure gauge from Retrotec is used for blower door and duct testing operations. Retrotec offers the original DM32 and the DM32 with wifi.

    This webinar video is an overview of the DM32 gauge from Retrotec. This webinar focuses on the following subjects:

    • DM32 Overview
    • Ports & Connections
    • Updating the firmware
    • DM32 Interface and operation
    • Calculating results
    • Common errors
    • Running other manufacturer's fans
    • Running other devices & hole flow

    For additional information on blower door testing

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