Monthly Archives: September 2015

  1. Passive House Testing with Kevin Brennan of the Passive House Academy (Sept, 9 2015)

    Learn about Passive House Testing in this video webinar, featuring Independent Trainer J. West along with Kevin Brennan, Passive House Academy Building Science Consultant/Trainer.

    • Tests needed to qualify as a passive house
    • Why we are seeing an increase in passive house construction
    • Best practices for testing
    • Tools for great tests

    Retrotec is pleased to present educational information about the blower door and duct testing industries. Watch related videos on Passive House Testing, or sign up for live webinars.

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  2. Zone Pressure Diagnostics ZPD with Bill Eckman of NME$A (Sept 10, 2015)

    Watch a webinar about Zone Pressure Diagnostics, or ZPDs. This video discusses:

    • Benefits and limitations of Zonal Pressure Diagnostics(ZPD)
    • Best practices for accurate results
    • Reference tube locations for testing
    • Common mistakes and solutions
    • Interpreting the results

    Watch related past videos about Zone Pressure Diagnostics or sign up for live webinars.


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