Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. Prepare Ducts and Houses - Step 1 in the DU200 DucTester QuickGuide

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  2. False Gauge Readings from Time Averaging

    Know the right time to take readings while using this handy feature. Also, learn why you should pay attention to how your gauge remembers settings.

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  3. What you may not know about duct testing methods

    Retrotec discusses RESNET duct testing code, as well as offering rules of thumb, and answering audience questions.

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  4. Unpack, connect DM-2 gauge - From the DU200 DucTester QuickGuide

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  5. DucTester Model DU200 Features

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  6. Flow Too Low

    Why your flow may read "too low" on your gauge and what to do about it

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  7. Wrong Range, Wrong Device

    Surprise yourself with the huge resulting errors from setting the wrong device or wrong range on your digital gauge.

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  8. FanTestic Part 6: Pre Auto-Test Check

    Part 6 Is a brief video that explains the importance of setting up correctly for an auto-test.

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  9. Retrotec DM2 mark II - Setup Menu

    A step-by-step guide of how to use the Setup Menu to configure your DM-2 to display only the required information.

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  10. FanTestic Part 1: Install and Single Point Test - New

    Part 1 of our FanTestic Training series. This covers installing and using the software for a single point test. It's as easy as inputting your data. The software will automatically calculate all the numbers you need.

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